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Setup guides

Read the guidelines

Please keep note of guidelines below.
Failure to follow these guidelines may result in complete blacklist from the bot.

This guide will show you how you can setup the bot to advertise your server as well as get ads from other channels.

Setting up your server for bumping (advertising)

Setting up your server is mostly straight forward.
To begin, run the adsetup command.
You should get this message to let you know its all setup.


Next set your invite channel.
This is the channel your members will go to and see first.
We recommend pointing this channel to a welcome or rules channel.

Simply use the setinv command and point it to a channel like in the screenshot below.

You should get a confirmation saying a new invite channel was picked.

Reviewing your server's config.

If you wish to see your server's config, simply run the config command.
It will show you all settings regarding advertising and server config.

With that your server for the most part is setup.
But what you should probably add is a server description.
Server descriptions tell people what your server is about, what they can do when they join, and more.

To set up your description, run the setdesc command.
You can use multilines and Discord Markdown Formatting Such as **bold** and __underline__, and embedded links [content](link)
An example of command usage is below:

You should get a confirmation message saying you have setup the description and it will give you a preview of your description.

You must have an invite channel.

In order to bump and advertise your server with our bot, you need to set an invite channel.

Have a banner? You can add it to your advert to give it a bit more ✨flair✨
Simply use the setbanner command and provide a link for your banner. (must be an image file)
Example below:

After doing so, your fancy server banner will be set.

When you're done, you can preview what your bump message will show to all servers with a bump channel set.
You can do that by running the card command.

Once you think your advert looks nice, you can go ahead and use the bump command.
When you use the bump command, all servers who have a bump channel sent will get your advertisement.

Make sure to chill on bumping.

Well.. We are forcing you to chill on bumping.
You can only use the bump command every 24 hours.
This is to prevent spam and abuse.

Congrats. You now can advertise your server.

Removing yourself from the advert list or the entire bot

If you wish to no longer want server bumps or your server be in the advert list, run the leave command.
The bot will ask you to run leave confirm to make sure you want to remove your ad.

This action cannot be reversed.

Once you are removed from the ad list all you setup is gone forever.
Which by the way is a pretty long time.

If you wish to scrub your server entirely from the bot, simply just kick the bot out of your server. This will remove all advertising and bot config relating to your server.