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Guidelines and data collection.


When setting up your server for advertising, please review the guidelines below.
You can also view these guidelines using the guidelines command.

There will be consequences in breaking these guidelines.

Servers who break the guidelines may result in permanent blacklisting from our bot.
You may be able to appeal if it was a mistake.

That said, please review the guidelines below.

First and foremost, make sure your server is following discord's official guidelines as well as their terms of service

Other than that, here are the rules.

  • Your server must not be centered around NSFW content.
  • Your server cannot be centered around hate speech, racism, sexist, etc.
  • Your server description must not contain anything that is racist, NSFW, hateful, etc.
  • Your server banner cannot contain sex, nudity, gore, or any NSFW or abusive content.
  • Don't include embedded links to harmful files and websites, NSFW content and sites, or anything unrelated to your server.

Bot Guidelines

  • Do not use the bot as a "daily messenger."
    This means don't use the bot to send messages to other servers. This is primarily for advertising.
  • Don't use our bot as a way to get invites for raids.
  • Don't abuse any glitches or exploits in the bot. Instead, you should report them to us.

Collection of guild data

The only data we collect is what you provide, and the ID to your server.
The data we display in our adverts is the server owner, the server region, when your server was made, the server name, and the member count. This data is publically available to those in the server.
Other things we display in ads is what you provide such as the server description, the image banner, and an invite link to a channel you set.
At any time you wish to clear this data, you can run the leave command and all data provided and collected for ads with be deleted instantly.
You also can kick the bot to remove all data including configuration.