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All commands for the bot for setting up, and other things.

[optional] (subcommand)


Conguration for the bot such as main config and advertisement configuration.

Bot config

Settings for the bot in your server such as the prefix.


Shows the configuration of your server such as the prefix, advertisement settings, etc.

adchannel <#channel>

Sets where bump messages will go.
When a user bumps their server, a message will appear in this channel.


Sets the prefix (the characters before a command) for your server. Default: ^^

Keep it short and sweet

Try to keep your prefix to a couple of characters.
A good prefix usually would be ones like ! or a!.
Prefixes that are hakshfkdkhkasdhl! aren't really easy to remember.
Cause who wants to type this all the time: hakshfkdkhkasdhl!info

This is how you can customize your look and feel of your ad when you bump your server.


Adds your server to the database amongst all other servers.

setinv <#channel>

Sets the invite channel which will appear on your bump ad.
We recommend this channel be an info or rules channel.


Set a description for your server ad.


Sets the server image banner for your ad.
You can only use images and it has to be a link.
Be sure that any image you provide follows our guidelines.

leave (confirm)

Removes your server advert.

This action is irrerevsable.

Once you use leave confirm, there is absolutely no way to get it back. Please do not come to support if this happens.

Other commands


Gives you a list of commands (Basically this page but in a discord embed)


Bumps your server. This sends an ad to all servers with an ad channel set up.


Shows you information about your server like member count, channel count, etc.

Make sure to chill on bumping.

Well.. We are forcing you to chill on bumping.
You can only use the bump command every 24 hours.
This is to prevent spam and abuse.


Gives you info about the bot.


Gives links such as our discord invite as well as a way to invite the bot.
You can also get the discord server link here, and the bot invite here.


Shows your server's ad info.